“Bless Your Soul”

Here is an excerpt from Koumealo Anate’s Bless your soul, now before diving into it I would like you dear reader to note the way in which poetry conveys a thousand words and meanings in simple verse or prose or whatever form.

Let your instincts carry you through, and like I said in my poem #TarryAwhile…..’when you stumble and stray, let the path glimer in your mind’.

Well enough of that and a little bit of this. ..

The bird will settle only once she has found the tree;
the tree that allows her to live and to be fulfilled.
Despite appearances we rarely know why we live.
Yet we find reasons for the new choices that help us go forward.
Go to the end of ourselves,
to the end of the world,
while letting ourselves be guided by the source…

…so there you have it dear, Bless your soul.


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