Being The Partner

A gaze is all you can dare,
And this is all I can bare,
Love drawn from the mare
Is nothing but a snare.
Why gloat over her demise,
She is cheese don’t be the mice.
She is love_ but twice,
So love her likewise.
A damsel in distress,
With love in her dress,
How can she address
A man who can press,
Hurt to a wonder;
Will you just be the man?
Attached is the fate
Of those who mate
With mistresses you met
On the way to being her man.
Look inside yourself
For that strength of your mind,
Relish what you know
And decimate your flaws!
Such is the passion
That excites the notion,
That love needs no potion,
Will you submit to your man?
Without peace marriage is mire,
With calamity in every wire.
Be at ease, kindle that fire_
And respect him before he retires.
Infidelity invites breakage
To the joy in a marriage,
Stay put, salvage the wreckage
Your kids need a mother!
For all are mortals,
As such, none is flawless.
Wit out all negativity,
Ponder about this-
You’ll stay in bliss!


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