New book coming your way: The Great Rush

‘Raising Cain didn’t take wielding the Horseman’s
ring’ …… Mith.

The Great Rush


The Great Rush embraces a people’s
struggle through the poet’s eye.It wanders over
an array of issues including pragmatic issues like
opportunism,nepotism and corruption in a society.

Joblessness and the resultant effects on families
and relationships as highlighted in the 3fold
series of a Migrant’s Journal ____

1.) Migrant’s Journal: Why Jimmy Left

2.) Migrant’s Journal: When Jimmy come again

3.)Migrant’s Journal: Retreat Contemplation

Issues on HIV/AIDS and the willful spreading of
the virus are also tackled by poems like “Raising
Cain” .

Several topics are craftily delved on like the
issues of extra marital affairs,trolling,single
parenthood.etc. We have also alluded to some of
those beauteous elements of a people which
include love, infinite hope to name but a few in
this anthology.

Pure art by the different 3 poets is
blended to give a delightful dish that is “The
Great Rush” and hopefully,you will fall in love
with it “in a rush”.



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