The Stars Fell Down

stars fell

Not all angels have wings I heard,
Not all devils have horns and not all demons have black eyes.
In 50 swarthy shades of betrayal,
The great trumpet John the Revelator heard,
Pierced the darkening sky as the heavens parted in a flurry of fire and ice.
Like a quickening that lights up the air when an immortal loses his soul;
A host of angels must fall.
When a heart has been broken and it has been declared a technical fault.
In that crack of dawn when Thor had thrown down his hammer the earth trembled.
The sky was set ablaze, from a distance I looked on,
Trying to convince myself it must be images my intoxicated head had conjured.
But disbelief morphed into spine frosting fear.
That’s when the heavy rain fell,
Instead of drops, it looked to me as if the stars fell down.

The stars fell down like Optimus Prime never fathomed,
From the dark of the heavens came a hell of a malady,
One by one they shot from above.
A remorseless torture like a catastrophe on Haiti,
Born of strife on a night of long knives
A lord, I stood_ legions crumbling
like a Lucifer at the mercy of a Michael
pricked in the eyes shedding earth eating tears.

A reflection is only as good as its medium,
Shattered it remains but a broken dream
A broken heart, with no emotion cast in the maggot infested inside of a garbage truck,
I gazed from a distance, mind chameleonistically deposed into exile,
Reached for a sigh and pondered on why stars had to fall
Then a downpour enveloped my soul
Instead of drops, it looked to me as if the stars fell down

That twinkling that led the Magi to the Rabbi
In that blur of meteor shower came crashing onto to the earth
Disaster of the century altering the night, changing lives.
I don’t ask why, but maybe the sky got tired of carrying all the stars
Then decided to vomit them out.
Isn’t that what lovers do?
Throw up one when that baggage on a no Jerry Springer related show of devotion
you took up saying if it got heavy duty we will carry it together?
Maybe the stars fell b’coz the sky found the moon
and all those shiny eyes seemed bleak all of a sudden.
She sent them immediately packing which explains why they angrily fled.



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