Addressed to such …

In sempiternal shades of perfect perfection,
Lay a form with serene affection,
My vitality waned in fickle reflection,
Of the moment I beheld such satiation.

Woman of unfathomable beauty,
Silken skin and so fine a form,
A Heshbon of eyes, a beautiful norm,
A lock of gold off the shapely deity.

I would cringe to walk by
Without saying such,
Yet would I kneel and kiss
Your gentle hand?

In the purple blossoms you sail free
Ridding the drear off the vast champaign
I find myself pretzel bended_
While like clay, moulded me into forms unseen

In simple misery,
I regress to digress,
Of how I may regret,
If I pass without a say!

Nay you shall not wreath
A flowery bend for two,
For so I know it too
We can only stare_ ’tis true.

Your deliciously spelled mien
Encase me in deliberate awe,
Capsulated time; frozen true_
Seized me in throes of respect and envy.

Yet I muse aware – odes can only be expressed,
Even when much isn’t to be gained,
For the pain a dither soul endures from words unsaid
Is bitter and unfathomable in this fickle life!


Limerick by the departing

Had I but enough money,
I won’t have left my funny
Crib in a desolate country,
Whence I made do with an empty pantry.
Don’t worry,I shall be back honey!

Look Inside

So after the big news, all poetry lovers could be asking this question….. ‘What’s inside book?’.Well, here is a random low down.

The book opens with a titular poem,’The Great Rush’,which samples issues on long distance relationships, promiscuity and the search for greener pastures.

‘River of angst’comes in second complementing issues delved by the former and more. ‘Ides of March’ and ‘Raising Cain’ then ensues in that order. These are somewhat surrealistic and bears a warning on aberration.

Well that’s the first four for you cherished readers. See you in the book. lol.

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New book coming your way: The Great Rush

‘Raising Cain didn’t take wielding the Horseman’s
ring’ …… Mith.

The Great Rush


The Great Rush embraces a people’s
struggle through the poet’s eye.It wanders over
an array of issues including pragmatic issues like
opportunism,nepotism and corruption in a society.

Joblessness and the resultant effects on families
and relationships as highlighted in the 3fold
series of a Migrant’s Journal ____

1.) Migrant’s Journal: Why Jimmy Left

2.) Migrant’s Journal: When Jimmy come again

3.)Migrant’s Journal: Retreat Contemplation

Issues on HIV/AIDS and the willful spreading of
the virus are also tackled by poems like “Raising
Cain” .

Several topics are craftily delved on like the
issues of extra marital affairs,trolling,single
parenthood.etc. We have also alluded to some of
those beauteous elements of a people which
include love, infinite hope to name but a few in
this anthology.

Pure art by the different 3 poets is
blended to give a delightful dish that is “The
Great Rush” and hopefully,you will fall in love
with it “in a rush”.